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WP Thème : SocialChef – Thème WordPress de recette sociale (Guide, Téléchargement & Avis)

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  • Nom : SocialChef – Social Recipe WordPress Theme
  • ID : 6786673
  • Catégorie :Thèmes WordPress, wordpress/buddypress, bbpress,buddypress,chef,clean,community,featured,food,forum,network,recipe,responsive,restaurant,social network,wordpress
  • Créateur : themeenergy
  • Prix de Vente : 59 avec 1289 ventes
  • Date de publication : 2014-12-13T05:41:43+11:00 mise à jour le 2019-05-20T22:18:43+10:00
  • Avis & Note : 3.96/5

SocialChef – Thème WordPress de recette sociale
: Caractéristiques, Description & Avis

SocialChef est un thème WordPress magnifique, propre et réactif qui comprend des recherches avancées et des soumissions frontales ainsi que des fonctionnalités communautaires telles que des forums, des groupes, des profils de membres et des flux d’activités. Vous voulez présenter des chefs et des recettes? Tu l’as eu! Ce thème vous aidera certainement à créer rapidement une communauté sociale alimentaire solide et vivante.

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  • Disposition réactive
  • Design épuré et moderne
  • SEO optimisé
  • compatible
  • Traduction & WPML Prêt
  • BuddyPress et bbPress entièrement intégrés
  • Prise en charge de WooCommerce
  • Soumissions de recettes frontales avec examen administratif facultatif
  • Système d’évaluation des recettes
  • Recherche Avancée
  • Options de thème étendues
  • Prise en charge RTL
  • 12 couleurs prêtes à l’emploi
  • 2300+ icônes de polices Premium
  • et beaucoup plus

Ce que nos clients disent

5 étoiles
J’adore cet achat – Idéal pour mon projet. A suivi la documentation et l’a fait ressembler à leur aperçu en direct. Merci les gars!! UNE**


5 étoiles
Pour le bricolage (non programmeur), c’est un thème qui ressemble en fait au produit (démo) que vous payez…. configuration facile, juste un peu de créativité avec vos propres images et contenu! A +


5 étoiles
Grand thème avec un grand soutien!


5 étoiles
Vraiment super thème .. J’en ferai tellement!


5 étoiles
Grand thème! Les gars sont très rapides avec un support très utile et vous répondent rapidement. Réjouissez-vous de voir plus de themeenergy.


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20 mai 2019

- code cleanup
- icons file size reduced
- Envato features compliance
- Envato coding compliance
- Envato security compliance


23 juillet 2018

- Files correction

08 juin 2018

- Activation key fix

26 mai 2018

- Compatibility with BuddyPress 3.0


27 mars 2018

- compatibility with WordPress Theme check
- maintenance


07 septembre 2017

- fixed BuddyPress registration page
- fixed search widget filters when recipe meta are not enabled


30 juin 2017

- fixed frontend submit instruction add instruction html bug
- fixed 404 undefined variable error
- fixed buddpress photo upload screens
- fixed WooCommerce product titles css


13 juin 2017

- fixed clickability of parent menu items on mobile
- improved responsiveness of ribbons
- fixed home in numbers if home page is not set as home.
- fixed error in frontend submit where ingredients and nutritional values could not be properly edited.
- allowed includes/post_types/recipes_post_type.php to be overwritten from child theme.


04 janvier 2017

- fixed current page issue for WordPress multisite.
- fixed escaping of terms in search.
- fixed do_action for wp_login to fix jetpack issue.
- fixed item class for recipe list for when sidebar is shown/hidden.
- improved css for activity on mobile.


07 décembre 2016

- added terms and conditions dropdown to options (Theme options -> Page settings).
- blog index sidebar issue fixed.
- fixed issue with dropzone when instruction images are disabled.
- fixed several minor css issues
- fixed member recipe pager last and first page bug.
- added css ribbon support, removed background images for ribbons
- fixed fraction bug.
- fixed recipe and post list widget sorting issue.
- fixed showing edit button of recipe in buddypress and anywhere on frontend only if recipe belongs to user or user is super admin.


09 novembre 2016

- Fixed broken paging in profile recipe lists
- Fixed translation of recipe categories title
- Admin can now disable ingredients from Theme options
- hcard fix for buddypress members widget
- Allow enable/disable of ingredients, recipe meta, instructions from Theme options -> Recipes
- Readded category filter to recipe list page.
- Show draft and private recipes in my recipes tab for logged in user.
- Several BuddyPress/buddyPress styling issues resolved
- BuddyPress and BBPress pages now take into account sidebar position setting from when editing page in admin.
- Login/Register/Reset password page show notifications if accessed by admin when logged in.
- Blog index and search index paging fix.
- Fraction conversion can now be disabled from Theme options -> Recipes
- Added required terms and conditions checkbox to submit recipe page 9frontend)
- Added dropzonejs support for featured image upload and instruction image upload from frontend recipe edit.
- Admin can now enable image support for each instruction via Theme options -> Recipes.
- Updated WooCommerce styling
- Removed images and Eldorado font and added 2300+ custom font icons instead
- Added support for GD Rating System plugin 


01 juillet 2016

- WooCommerce 2.5* compatibility
- Compatibility fix with BuddyPress 2.6
- Fixed recipe pagination last and first links.
- Enabled cover images for profile and groups.
- Recipes either public or draft, not public or private.
- Added filter socialchef_breadcrumbs to allow removal of breadcrumbs via functions.php
- Added instagram profile uri to social widget
- Added cover image dimensions for group profile pages
- Hide reset password page in menus from logged in users.
- Hide submit recipe page in menus from logged out users.
- Fixed rewrite tags so that we can have page /recipes and also individual recipe links /recipes/recipe-x
- Improved search to show correct tab based on query string.
- Added css class to show more button in recipe list widget.
- Hide widget titles if titles are empty.


13 novembre 2015

- Removed socialchef.sample.xml
- Updated other sample files
- Fixed featured member widget bug when member hasn't posted any activity.
- Fixed translation of admin fields when po file is used.
- Fixed reset password page.
- Fixed duplicate title and desctiption in site title.
- Fixed various bbpress and buddypress css issues
- Replaced font icon 


22 août 2015

- Upgraded widgets to WP4.3 and PHP5.0 standard
- Fixed pinterest image_uri problem in widget share
- Several css issues fixed


26 juin 2015

-Security update for the prettyPhoto plugin

19 juin 2015

- Introduced better rounding for fraction display introduced (where in 0.33 before was shown as 33/100 it is now shown as 1/3 which is more appropriate)
- Added tag archive template for listing archive of posts by tag.
- Allow commas to be used in ingredient/nutritional amount fields for decimal separator instead of dot.
- Always show call to action instead of just to logged out users.
- Fixed saving of featured user (when user is unmarked as featured).
- WooCommerce right sidebar issue resolved.
- Fixed comment date issue where all comments were showing the date of the post instead of date of comment.
- Fixed several css issues.
- Improved responsive css.
- Replaced SocialChef in Numbers icons with FontAwesome icons.
- Fixed avatar cropping issues to be in line with BuddyPress 2.3 improvements.
- Introduced 800x600 and 400x300 image sizes and better image cropping
(Note: users should use "Force regenerate thumbnails" plugin to regenarate thumbnails after this fix).

v1.2: 24 avril 2015

- Added print button to single recipe page.
- Added fractional frontend display of ingredient and nutritional value amounts to single recipe page.
- Fixed My Account -> My recipes pagination 404 error in BuddyPress member profiles.
- Added category count/number limit to category list widget.
- Added script to equalize heights of recipes and posts in card list mode.
- Removed var_dump code from login screen when error is encountered.
- Added feature to email admin when recipe is submitted from frontend.
- Added dynamic sidebar selection to all custom pages. When a page is created or updated, user can select placement of sidebars to be shown on said page.
- Fixed bug where apostrophe ' submitted from front end turned into ' escaped apostrophe.
- Updated code so that only super admins can mark users as featured.
- Added SSL support fix for page-user-login.php.
- Users can now save recipes as draft even when admin has marked recipes to be published immediatelly upon submission
- Fixed home page intro widget so it shows different message to users when they are logged in as opposed to when they are logged out.
- Added recipe count to buddypress member profile menu.
- Added option to set sidebar position for all woocommerce pages.
- Added WooCommerce support
- Added 1566 Premium vector icons
- Rewritten RTL stylesheet
- Resolved several css issues
- Updated SampleData
- Updated Documentation

The following two fixes are in relation to the following post:
- Properly escaped add_query_arg calls with esc_url and esc_url_raw (fixes possible vulnerability)
- Upgraded TGM-Plugin-Activation to 2.4.1 to properly escape add_query_arg (fixes possible vulnerability)

v1.11: 22 janvier 2015

- Fixed front end submit autosuggest for ingredients and nutritional info broken after last upgrade.
- Fixed so that favorited recipes shows up in My favorite recipes even when user is not author of same.
- Fixed call to action link on home page.
- Several small css issues fixed.

v1.1: 15 janvier 2015

- Added compatibility for our recipes and blog posts.
- Added "Add to favorites" and "Remove from favorites" feature when BuddyPress is used.
- Added "My recipes" and "My favorites" feature in buddypress user dashboard (frontend).
- Added decimals for ingredient amounts.
- Fixed issue with recipe front-end submit not working if "immediate publish" is disabled.
- Translation for "Back to top" was missing in two templates. Fixed.
- Capitalized difficulty name when displayed in single-recipe.php
- Fixed bbpress breadcrumbs home link.
- Intro image height fix.
- Fixed More recipes link on home not going anywhere when Theme option is properly set.
- Switched recipe instructions and ingredients in mobile/tablet view, so that now ingredients show up first
- Improved print output for single recipe

Sortie officielle: 13 décembre 2014

Note générale : 3.96/5

Démo & Téléchargement

Démo & Téléchargement

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Written by Marie L.

Mariei is a French writer graduate of Columbia University graduate school and bestselling author and featured as a #1 Amazon Bestseller for 9 consecutive months. Her interests include Technology, Business, Digital and Lifestyle.

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