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Are there cheats in War Thunder?

We don’t allow cheats, on top of specific game design preventing the most common cheats, we have both an automated detection system and a replay report system checked by humans and we ban every single player caught.

De plus, Is the A 10 in War Thunder?

The A-10 was designed for close air support (CAS) of friendly ground troops, attacking armored vehicles and tanks, and providing quick-action support against enemy ground forces.

A-10 Warthog.

A-10 / OA-10 Thunderbolt II
Primary user United States Air Force
Produced 1972–1984
Number built 716

Ainsi Is Hackerbot safe? Legit. The site is legit, even if game hacking is sort of a questionable business. Honest about what cheats are possible and not possible in each game. Their tool is good for filtering out all the fakes and scams and find working cheats more easily.

How many player does War Thunder have?

In 2019, War Thunder was among the most played games on Steam with

over 25,000 concurrent players


War Thunder
Developer(s) Gaijin Entertainment
Publisher(s) Gaijin Entertainment Tencent Games (China)
Composer(s) Georgy Zheryakov Alexander Chorni Zahar Antonov

What does Prop feathering do in war thunder?

Feathering the propeller puts the still spinning prop into a low-drag state (think palm down from the earlier experiment) which will make flying the airplane a bit easier with the loss of an engine.

What caliber is the a10 Warthog?

GAU-8 Avenger

GAU-8/A Avenger
Cartridge 30×173 mm
30 mm
Barrels 7-barrel (progressive RH parabolic twist, 14 grooves)
Action Electrically controlled, hydraulic-driven

Is the f22 in War Thunder?

Based on War Thunder’s expanded research trees, we’ll begin to introduce air combat and armoured vehicles up to rank IX. The top vehicles at this rank will include well-known machines of mass destruction, like the M1A2 Abrams, Т-14 “Armata”, F-22 Raptor, Т-50 PАК FА and many more.

Is Gaijin a malware?

because it’s malware: it’s malicious software and it makes your computer work for Gaijin. Apparently the launcher installs itself in multiple places, including hidden folders. Steam uninstall does nothing and it is not visible in control panel either (on the Steam « version »).

Who has the most hours on war thunder?

Most War Thunder Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)

# Steam ID Playtime (H)

2 Strix 37,516
3 dfmcvn13 33,219
4 dfmcvn2 33,218

How much is Gaijin worth?

Please note that 1 Gaijin Coin = 1 USD/1 EUR (depending on your country of residence). The exchange rate is updated every hour, and, after entering the amount, and choosing the payment method, you will see the final price for purchasing Gaijin Coins.

What is RPM War Thunder?

In variable-pitch propellers that most War Thunder aircraft have, the general rule of operation is to have low pitch (high rpm) at low speeds and high pitch (lower rpm) at high speeds. … Not all aircraft in War Thunder have the option to control the propeller pitch manually.

How do you put out an aircraft fire in war thunder?

Now light tanks and squadmates can help extinguish fires. The new mechanic works in a similar way as repair assistance: you need to drive up to a burning vehicle, wait for the indicator of assistance for firefighting, and after holding the help button, the ally will stop burning.

Has the A-10 ever shot down an aircraft?

April 8, 2003 – An A-10A Thunderbolt II (Serial Number : 78-0691) was shot down over downtown Baghdad by an Iraqi Roland surface-to-air missile.

How much ammo does a Warthog carry?

The magazine can hold 1,350 rounds of ammunition. The pilot can select a firing rate of 2,100 or 4,200 rounds a minute.

Can A-10 Warthog dogfight?

A-10s carry two AIM-9M Sidewinders just in case a dogfight breaks out. As powerful as the GAU-8 is, the Warthog has other tools to help it win a fight with an opposing jet. In case of a dogfight, the A-10 also carries a pair of AIM-9M sidewinder missiles.

Is the P 400 good war thunder?

The P-400 lacks firepower, but the later models 37mm cannon makes it go from zero to hero. It’s a great plane, but only once you upgrade the engine. After the upgrade, it’s got great acceleration and awesome climb rate. However, since it’s a rear-engined plane, it’s really vulnerable from behind.

How can I make my thunder quieter?

Players can access the Silent Thunder test version through the War Thunder client (which you can download here) this weekend, beginning now and ending 6:00 a.m. Eastern on Monday. You can find out more about Silent Thunder and the submarines its featuring over at the official site.

Who is Gaijin owned by?

Anton Yudintsev is the Owner at Gaijin Entertainment .

How do I get rid of Gaijin?

Run the game launcher, go to its settings screen and switch off the Auto Update feature. After that you will be able to uninstall the game completely. 3. Select War Thunder Launcher in the Programs List and press uninstall.

Can you buy Golden Eagles with Gaijin coins?

Payments on the Market are made with a special in-game currency – Gaijin Coins. … In the future, it will be possible to spend Gaijin Coins not only on the Market, but also in the War Thunder online store – for example, by buying a premium vehicle pack or Golden Eagles.

How many hours have I spent on war thunder?

Thank you! Check your profile by clicking your player name at the top of the screen. It’ll show you how much time you have spent in Fighters/Attackers/Bombers etc.

Is Gaijin owned by China?

Dec 06, 2019 (China Knowledge) – China’s gaming company Shenzhen Gaea Technology Corporation has announced plans to merge with Russian video game developer and publisher Gaijin Entertainment. … About the Russian counterpart Gaijin Entertainment it is one of the largest independent video games companies in the country.

Is Gaijin owned by Tencent?

Gaijin Entertainment, independent developer and publisher, has announced an exclusive publishing agreement with Tencent Holdings Ltd, a leading provider of comprehensive Internet services in China. Tencent will publish and distribute Gaijin Entertainment’s award-winning, mega-hit WWII MMO War Thunder in China.

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